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April 13, 2009

2008 Archive:

For our first Sunday night forum, I like to suggest the follow topics (see below).  check them out and let me know what you think in the blog below.  In the next week, we’ll schedule the time at FBC after the Catalist.

1.  Globalization and the Rise of Religion

2.  A Thinkers Guide to an Intelligent Faith

3.  Time for Truth

4.  Moral Man and Immoral Society:  Redescovering Rienhold Niebuhur

5.  People Suffer – Who Cares? A Secular Humanist and Christian Dialogue, Part 1/2

6.  Western Myths About Pluralism:The Real Basis of Civil Rights

Or, here’s a fun topic, Deciphering the Da Vinci Code

Do you know of a hot topic being debate or discussed in Boise, on campus, or at a church?  Post your information here!


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