Obsolete Christianity and Revitalized Faith: Sanctorum Communio, the Communion of Saints

The ardent Atheist or devoted Relativist might view the decline in North American church attendance as signaling the death of Christian religious fever. The Atheist or Relativist who measures success in numbers would politely suggest that we are witnessing the secularization of America, similar to trends in Western Europe as church attendance declines. Even the North American Christian faithful would quietly agree with this trend. However, as history has been here before at the beginning of the last century, perhaps both the religious and secular should ask themselves if their assessment is correct. Is more going on than can be reconciled by church attendance? Continue reading


The Use of “I AM” in John 8:24

The Women Caught in Adultery: Forgiveness and Jesus “I Am”

The following is an email conversation on a message given in July of 2006 and the use of “I Am” in John 8:24 “unless you believe ‘I Am’ you will die in your sins.”


I thought your message last Sunday morning was excellent. It’s not often you hear a message on Deity of Jesus, or Trinitarian theology. And, I appreciated your candid “So what?” question to Jesus’ “I Am” statement. It is the better question. In fact, it was such a good question that I wish you could have spent more time developing it. The answer is the “punch line” to Jesus’ “I Am” claim and the women caught in adultery which I’m still discovering the importance of in the practice of forgiveness. Continue reading

The Second Coming: Teasing Out A Personal Perspective

The following is excerts of an email converstation from the message on Christ’s second coming given in November 2007

Hi Bruce,

I enjoyed your talk on Sunday night, especially your approach on such a difficult topic as the second coming. Of course, it also was the topic of discussion at growth group this week. It’s been awhile since I’ve thought about His second coming, but my discussion group teased out some personal thoughts I wish to share. No, this not my opinion of when or how Christ come, but something deeper and much more intellectually satisfying, at least for me. And, I thought I take the time to write it out and share it with you as food for thought. I wonder if you see the same thing and in doing so, perhaps the challenges created by sectors of the Church in its propagation of the subject. I say this will all sensitivity to those with good intentions, but may have been misguided. Continue reading