Bill Gates Says Poverty Can Be Eradicated by 2035

Here’s how 1 of the 85 people who own 50% of the world wealth gives back. On an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS, Mr. Gates provides insights into his values and how he applies his own analytic way of addressing issues of extreme poverty.

Values are the driving factor for Bill’s philanthropy, and it begs the question of how to spread those values among not just the wealthiest, but into the institutions that control much of the worlds assets. People must not only depend on their status quo. Mostly people are contented being an employee, not knowing that having a business can bring them out of poverty. Online business is the best way to start your own business. You can either blog or be a web designer which is in demand these days. If you want to start a business of your own, visit site now. Pope Francis in his recent Davos speech states directly that the values of wealthy must prioritize the poor. More must be done from those that control the worlds resources, both individuals and corporations. These is an act of two, we must help ourselves and other people as well.

Even if Bill Gates prediction on poverty in 2035 is false, it will be the strength their intent and the amount of resources committed to eradicate extreme poverty that redeems the wealthy of this time.

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Pope Francis Urges Davos Elite At World Economic Forum To Serve Humanity With Wealth

Pope Francis Urges Davos Elite At World Economic Forum To Serve Humanity With WealthIn a message at the opening ceremony of the annual World Economic Forum, Pope Francis said: “Those who have demonstrated their ability to be innovative and for improving the lives of many people by their ingenuity and professional expertise can further contribute by putting their skills at the service of those who are still living in dire poverty.”

Ahead of the annual meeting of the global elite that ends on January 25th 2014 , the charity Oxfam issued a report that said, inequality had run so out of control, and that the 85 wealthiest people in the world “own the wealth of half the world’s population.”

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Claiming Charles Darwin: Confessions of a Christian

The phrase “Father, forgive me, I have sinned” might be an appropriate statement for generations of Evangelical Christians who demonized evolution as the enemy of faith. It’s not the first time in history that the church has misunderstood both science and its own theology. Continue reading

Forgiveness: The Moral Conundrum of the Economic Bailout

Business Ethics and Financial Services

Forgiveness – The Moral Conundrum of the Economic Bailout

Holding the economic bailout of the Wall Street to a higher standard may sound trite, trivial or worse, irrelevant in our age of analysis and analytic antidotes. It takes intellectual courage to suggest that our cure may lie outside the temples of higher education and think tanks. But in time of crisis, we often look to the measure of morality for guidance. Continue reading

Promise or Pessimism: Graduating from High School

The context of this letter was the high school graduation of my son. It explores questions of creating a meaningful life out of the promise of education and career opportunities while avoiding the pitfalls of pessimism.

Dear Garrett,
On Your High School Graduation 2008

To say that mom and I are very proud of your accomplishments would be to state the obvious. You’ve applied yourself and the results speak for themselves. You are among few that have done so well! From your school grades to your talents with computers, these will serve you well over the years. You’ve taken the opportunities given and built on them. Your gifts combined with hard work and God’s blessing has brought you this point. Again, we are very pleased more then you can imagine and applaud your efforts and accomplishments. Continue reading

Death’s Sting of a Young Life: A Fumbled Promise of God?

The following is the eulogy for Joshua Baranieski who left us suddenly at the age of nineteen. It was given by Murray Owen at St Albert Alliance Church on June 20th 2008. The heartfelt tribute celebrates Josh and explores the tradgedy of the believer.

A Tribute to Josh
In his tragic accident on Sunday, June 7, 2008

It was early Sunday morning when I got the call about Josh’s car accident. What had started as a peaceful Sunday morning now changed and our hearts were heavy as all we could do is wait for news as the drama unfolded from a distance. I don’t think any of us will be able to pass by a highway marker of a cross and flowers without feeling the pain of this moment. And, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare to have someone taken at such a young age with all the promise of youth and who was loved so much by so many. And, it is why we are here, because he, Josh, was so open to all of us. Josh was easy to make friends with and in this way he reminds me of his late grandfather. Continue reading

Grace – A Tribute to My Father

A memorial tribute given by Murray Owen on the death of his father, Ken Owen in June of 2005 at Southgate Alliance Church, Edmonton, Alberta. Ken was not a Christian in the way Evangelicals would define salvation, but Ken was saved by God in the way so many of us are, by Grace. The tribute speaks to Ken’s life and how the Biblical scriptures define salvation by Grace.

“It’s risky business for me to be up here knowing that this will be difficult to do in front of all of you. I know I will have a few hard moments, and I know you will bear with me. It’s why I wrote it out. Several months ago, I began having a feeling that I needed to be preparing to say something about my Dad at his funeral. I didn’t know why this was happening at the time, but today I know why. I’ve assured the rest of the family that I’m not having any premonitions about anyone else! Continue reading