Bill Gates Says Poverty Can Be Eradicated by 2035

Here’s how 1 of the 85 people who own 50% of the world wealth gives back. On an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS, Mr. Gates provides insights into his values and how he applies his own analytic way of addressing issues of extreme poverty.

Values are the driving factor for Bill’s philanthropy, and it begs the question of how to spread those values among not just the wealthiest, but into the institutions that control much of the worlds assets. People must not only depend on their status quo. Mostly people are contented being an employee, not knowing that having a business can bring them out of poverty. Online business is the best way to start your own business. You can either blog or be a web designer which is in demand these days. If you want to start a business of your own, visit site now. Pope Francis in his recent Davos speech states directly that the values of wealthy must prioritize the poor. More must be done from those that control the worlds resources, both individuals and corporations. These is an act of two, we must help ourselves and other people as well.

Even if Bill Gates prediction on poverty in 2035 is false, it will be the strength their intent and the amount of resources committed to eradicate extreme poverty that redeems the wealthy of this time.

Watch the interview here:


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