Questions about Economics and Christian Culture

What do faith and economics have in common?

For the Christian, if you cut out all reference to the poor in the Old and New Testements, how much of the Bible would be left?

What values, if any, does faith call us to exercise in a free market?

When does faith overule free market values?

What is Liberation Theology?

What rights do the poor have? If no rights, are they just the object of our charity?

Does the New Testement Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) say anything about money and social responsiblity?

Are there any connections between Marism critique/predictions of capitalism and the social values of faith?

Write and post your thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “Questions about Economics and Christian Culture

  1. I have always understood the “invisible hand” of economics to basically be: People will always choose what benefits them the most. I will define good as that which benefits another party.

    I think when the Golden Rule that Jesus (and others) have put forth is often misunderstood as “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you…because then you can expect the same behavior from them and thus we can live in peace as a society.”

    In other words, we only do good things for others because it works both ways and is a logical necessity for business and trade. Jesus certainly did not mean that. In fact, I think he meant something radically different: doing something for others when you KNOW they wouldn’t do the same thing for you.

    Of course I think Christians should be savvy financially and obviously make good decisions about spending money. My only point is that we should beware of letting that kind of thinking pervade our dealings with people.

    People are not goods to be weighed and measured, and are ALWAYS worth our time regardless of the benefit they provide. The Bible says all men/women are created in God’s image and therefore have value.

  2. Are the values of the Sermon on the Mount applicable to our understanding of economics and our day to day dealings? At any point in time, can we suspend those values? If so, for what kind of situation?

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