Ethics and Relationships

Vice and virtue is the classic discussion of ethics from the Greek philosphers to the enlightement thinkers. However, its fallen out of vogue in our modern culture. Recently, it has seen a short resugence in interest with the financial scandles from Enron to MCI. In the movie “Wall Street,” greed is celebrated as a drive that purifies and refines a business. What was once a vice, pride, is celebrated as confidence and strength from sports to business, from education to politics.

Do the acient values of vice and virtue have anything to say to us today?

Does the “Sermon on the Mount’ speak to our time or was it for another era, but not now?

The US founding Fathers spoke of freedoms trangle as a necessary integredient for democracy to work. To be a free people, we must be virtueous, and to be virtuous we must have faith. Is there a disconnection between faith and virtue today?

Write and post your comments below.


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