Exploring Modern Beliefs and Biblical Assumptions

The Aletheia Forum is a web blog and monthly discussion group for those seeking an open inquiry about faith and values. Aletheia is the Greek word for truth. That’s the easy part. The hard part is “What is Truth?” The Aletheia Forum is a dialogue into the assumptions of our religious understandings and interpretation, our cultural values or identity narratives, and how we work out faith in our daily life. This blog is for those looking to participate in the better discussion on life, values, and community.

An Inquiry Into Christianity, Religon and Cultural Values

A troubling starting point may be the question of pluralism in our modern world because pluralism challenges our ideas of truth, even for the relativist. Modernity, communication, and globalization did not lead to the extinction of religion, as predicted by the social scientist of the mid 2oth century, but rather to an explosion of worldwide religious energies. Today, in the 21th century, the world has never been more religious as Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Atheist interact on the global economic stage.

To begin the discussion, I like to hear your thoughts on what the foundations of pluralism are for us in the western world.  What were the historic catalysts for our pluralistic societies today? What role did Christianity play in getting us to where we are? Does the “Sermon on the Mount” inform our understanding? What does it means to be a Christian in a pluralistic world where democratic ideals and capitalism are conventional wisdom?  Where are we going?

Broadly speaking, pluralism is “the affirmation and acceptance of diversity in society” (political, religious, and scientific).

If you’re looking for a definition of pluralism, start here:

Web Links on Truth and Pluralism

If you’re looking for good content in the discussion of pluralism, check out the blogroll sites listed on this page, as well as these sites.


Veritas on Pluralism
Veritas on Relativism

Speaking of Faith:


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